Data is the key component of modern AI systems. Data acquisition and annotation is time-consuming, expensive and in many cases not available. Voxel and Virtu are the workhorses of our technology stack. If you have training data for your problem we use Voxel to annotate it. If training data for your problem is not available, we use Virtu to generate it using modern game engines. Having such advanced data tools put us in the perfect position to develop full-stack AI solutions: from data annotation, model development and deployment to industrial applications.

AI solutions for smarter industry

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Voxel - 3D Reconstruction and Annotation

Our core technology is Voxel - advanced 3D reconstruction and annotation tool that enables us to create annotated datasets quickly and very accurately. It is based on structure from motion algorithms, SLAM and 3D modeling of the scene. We are pioneering 3D data annotation that brings more accurate data for validation and verification of AI algorithms. Very precise ground truth data is the crucial for building reliable AI systems

depth, pose, 3D bounding boxes; as accurate as LiDAR with denser data

Virtu - Synthetic Data Platform

We use our Virtu platform to build virtual worlds and create photorealistic and high-fidelity environments. We are able to create rare and edge-case scenarios. Generated synthetic data is scalable, automatically annotated, anonymous, and bias-free. Our platform consists of a large number of built-in computer vision models that enables us to iterate quickly and develop efficient solutions.


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Industry 4.0

We use our technology to automate and improve industrial processes: from quality control, process monitoring and optimization to smart manufacturing. Our solutions save energy, time, resources and reduce costs.

Industrial vision systems, Predictive modeling, Digital Twins, Edge computing

Autonomous Vision

Computer vision systems are at the forefront of today's autonomous revolution. We provide ground truth data for testing and validation of computer vision algorithms annotated with unprecedented accuracy.

Self-Driving Cars Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (AS/RS), Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs), Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs)

About us



is to transform the industry verticals with advanced AI solutions and 3D technologies


is to become the leading global provider of high quality data and visual perception technologies for industrial applications
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Protostar Labs is an artificial intelligence technology company founded in 2019. We are a R&D Lab specialized in computer vision, deep learning and 3D technologies. Our team consists of engineers and scientists (2 PhD and 5 MSc) with backgrounds in computer science, software engineering, 3D modeling and physics. We develop AI solutions and 3D technologies for industry 4.0 and next-generation autonomous machines.

AI solutions and 3D technologies for industry 4.0 and next generation autonomous machines