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01 About Us

We are engineers, scientists and innovators.

We develop and build advanced vision systems and AI solutions for industrial, commercial, and space applications.

Our R&D-driven approach constantly pushes the boundaries of innovation, delivering breakthrough technologies to our clients. Our interdisciplinary team of software engineers, physicists, data scientists, and machine learning experts transforms cutting-edge research into real-world applications.

Trusted by startups, large enterprises, and organizations like the European Space Agency, our solutions are shaping the future of technology.

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02 Technologies

Positioned at the intersection of technology and science, we push the limits of possible. Our expertise helps you automate your workflows through cutting-edge vision and sensing technologies, powered by AI algorithms and top-tier data analytics capabilities.

Vision and Sensing Systems

From single-pixel imaging to multispectral cameras, our solutions can sense and see beyond visible.


Data Science and Analytics

Discover hidden insights in your data and have a reliable decision-making support system.


Edge Computing

Fast and efficient data processing at the edge devices in any environment, in real-time.


Let’s explore how our expertise can help you.

03 Solutions

Our solutions help our clients automate their processes, solve critical pain points, significantly reduce costs, and drive growth.


Unlock the full potential of your data and reveal critical insights that drive innovation and strategic decision-making. Shorten time-to-market for your biotech product or solution, while staying focused on your core business.


Our solutions help you optimize on-board data processing, develop custom payloads, and utilize AI for data analysis. Shorten time-to-market and mitigate development risk for your space mission.


Our visual inspection systems already inspected millions of products, ensuring top-notch quality and reliability. Utilize our solutions to improve operational efficiency, prevent recalls, and cut costs.

Unmanned Systems

Let machines handle what humans shouldn’t have to. Our technology is powering the next-generation unmanned systems, ranging from ground vehicles to drones. We are here to elevate unmanned systems to success.

04 Products

Cutting-edge technology that enhances operational efficiency and decision-making across various industries

From advanced vision systems to real-time data analysis and energy-efficient data processing, we provide innovative solutions that address complex challenges and drive business success.

Visual inspection systems for the most demanding applications and environments.


Deploy machine learning models on FPGAs for ultra-fast, low-power consumption data processing.


Detect and understand anomalies in your data in real-time. Deployed on the cloud or at the edge.

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06 Insights

Explore our Insights hub for the latest News, thought-provoking Blogs, and data-driven Research. Stay informed, gain new perspectives, and uncover valuable knowledge that drives innovation.