Quality inspection of electric motors right on the factory floor (using YOLO)!

Industrial quality inspection of products is necessary to ensure that possibly defective products are recognized early in the production process, which reduces costs and avoids product recalls.   Automated industrial quality inspection using machine vision reduces or removes the need for demanding and expensive manual inspection of products. Traditional machine vision methods are rule-based: an […]

Automatic Image Segmentation in Unreal Engine 4

  Complete solution for neural network dataset generation, automatic and random camera and object movement, segmented images, and python scripts for export to COCO dataset format.   We have developed a solution for the UE4 marketplace. Check out the video on our YouTube channel.   This project contains several blueprints and python scripts designed to […]

Data augmentation for improved and more robust computer vision models

For training of machine learning / computer vision models, generally a large annotated training set is needed. However, it can be hard both to gather a large enough dataset and to annotate the images. Training set augmentation is a common and very effective method to address these issues. It consists of creating new images from […]