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Project Title

Smartgrid Integration and Management with Blockchain Applications (SIMBA)

Project description

The project includes the innovation of organization and processes, carried out by Base58 and partners, in order to commercialize the innovative product SIMBA and create long-term supplier relationships with the Integrator. The project goal is through innovation of organization and main processes, the project achieves an innovative SIMBA platform with the purpose of monitoring and management of power consumption, energy storage, and distributed generation of electricity in real time, while increasing efficiency by integrating modern technical solutions based on blockchain technology.

An innovative solution of the project is the hardware device SGE, which enables the development of the smart grid environment and, at the same time, provides distributed computing power. The expected result is a completed innovation of the software production process and innovation of business organization; an increase in the number of employees as well as in revenue.

For companies working with AI, this can incur considerable expenses. Furthermore, annotating images is a long and costly process, prone to human error. Carrying out this project will ensure synthetic datasets that will be used for machine and deep learning algorithm training. This will significantly reduce both the time and cost needed to create the datasets, thus ensuring a position in the AI market.

Project time frame

1 March 2021 – 1 March 2023

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Grant recipient

Protostar Labs d.o.o., Željeznička 10A, Belišće

BambooLab d.o.o., J.J.Strossmayera 341, Osijek

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