Protostar Vision Box – Part 5: Well, that didn’t go as planned…

Welcome to the last part of our series of blog posts for Protostar Vision Box. Now, after everything we’ve shown you so far, it’s time to share some of our mistakes and what we learned.   Color detection   In the beginning of the project, guided by the motto “less is more,” we decided to […]

Protostar Vision Box – Part 4: Roses are red, bottle caps are blue…

We continue with a series of posts about Protostar Vision Box. This article explains our approach to the bottle cap color recognition problem in a real industrial application. The solution to this problem is important because of stray caps of the wrong color during production, which need to be separated from bottles with the correct […]

Protostar Vision Box – Part 3: Bottle cap defect detection

Welcome back 👋   This is the third part of our series of blog posts on Protostar Vision Box. Last week, we showcased the sensor suite. Today, we are going to showcase the defect detection AI algorithm, how it was trained and implemented.   Introduction With this post, we continue the series of blogs about […]

Protostar Vision Box – Part 2: Sensor suite

Welcome back 👋   This is the second part of our series of blog posts on Protostar Vision Box. Last week, we showcased the hardware and lightning design. Today, we are going to discuss the sensor suite, how to choose the right sensors for the job and how we implement them in Protostar Vision Box. […]

Protostar Vision Box – Part 1: Lights, camera, action!

Hi all 👋,   Welcome to the first blog in our series, this week we are focused on introducing you to our Protostar Vision Box, a complete solution designed for product inspection in production environments. Our cutting-edge approach simplifies quality control, ensuring precision and increasing efficiency in product inspection and validation across diverse manufacturing processes. […]

Protostar Vision Box – from idea to solving industry problems

  Hi everyone 👋,   Welcome to the introduction to what will be a 5 *(-ish)* part series of blog posts regarding the Protostar Vision Box. This is a solution for visual inspection of various goods, powered by AI for near perfect defect detection. It is designed to catch various anomalies on products, such as […]