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Advancement and Automation of the VirtuAl Annotation system – adjusting the tools to the demands of the market of AI technologies development

Project description

Artificial intelligence is founded on the learning process in which intelligent devices, aided by computer algorithms and a great number of real-world images, learn to identify objects from the real-world environment. This learning process requires a substantial number of precisely annotated images.

For companies working with AI, this can incur considerable expenses. Furthermore, annotating images is a long and costly process, prone to human error. Carrying out this project will ensure synthetic datasets which will be used for machine and deep learning algorithm training. This will significantly reduce both the time and cost needed to create the datasets, thus ensuring a position in the AI market.

Project time frame

7 October 2019 – 7 April 2021

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Protostar Labs d.o.o. (Protostar Labs Ltd.)

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